Vermont Ave. Closed at 15th & I NW

The block of Vermont Ave outside the McPherson Square metro is closed, and there are swirling lights and sirens from multiple fire trucks and ambulances milling about.

According to various Internet news sources- it’s alternately “a suspcious package in the area of the White House” or an “anthrax letter at the Veterans Affairs office next to the White House,” etc.  

We’ll update this post when we have some kind of clarification.

UPDATE: According to the Washington Post (whose story I’m inclined to trust most simply due to their sheer physical proximity to the incident), it was a suspicious letter opened in the basement mailroom of the Veterans Affairs building. And according to NBC4, the  letter wasn’t delivered by the USPS, so it didn’t go through the normal irradiation process government mail goes through.  Both stories emphasize that anthrax testing is a precaution and so far no one has gotten sick.  Note that the Vermont Ave. entrance to the McPherson Square metro is closed, but the station is still operational and you can enter from 14th and I Streets.

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