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Homegrown Comedy

After all of our CSA adventures this year, I guess you could consider me someone who prefers homegrown stuff.  Green beans I picked myself at the farm. Herbs from Tom’s garden in our backyard. Socks from local sheep.  

So I’m excited to tell you about Homegrown Comedy, a new monthly showcase in the DC Improv Lounge that debuts this week. It will feature 7 local comics, doing 8 minute sets. That’s FIFTY-SIX MINUTES OF LOCAL COMEDY! Plus the host’s set! For only $10! Clearly, this is a fine comedy bargain.  

This week, the show is hosted by Hampton Yount, and features Eli Sairs, Will Hessler, Tyler Richardson, Jake Young, Nora Nolan, Adrian Rodney, and Tyler Sonnichsen.  You may recognize Eli, Hampton, and the show’s producer, Jay Hastings, from our She-Ha Comment Brawl. (All of whom think Aparna is quite funny, thank you very much.) Hampton and Jake have also appeared on XMRadio, during re-broadcasts of the 2007 DC Improv competition finals. 

Having been to several shows Jay has produced or co-produced, I will tell you that this will be one to watch- Jay has high standards, and always seems to put together a good group. You’d better get your tickets now- the Lounge only seats 60 and fills up quickly, especially on a Friday night when there’s overflow from the Improv’s mainstage show. 

Your comedy, like your food, should be fresh and local.

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2 thoughts on “Comedy in DC: Homegrown Comedy

  1. Hampton Yount and Eli Sairs are reason enough to see this show. Both of those guys are hilarious. I’m sure the others on the line up are funny too.

    After watching the youtube clip on the “comment brawl” I’ll second the comment that Aparna Nancherla is years away from being funny. Geesh, I couldn’t make it though the clip.