XM Staff in DC Unceremoniously Dumped

XM Satellite Radio Headquarters
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Marc Fisher reports this morning that XM Satellite Radio employees based in DC got an unpleasant surprise upon logging into the company’s payroll system this morning- they found that their last day of employment was listed as today.

So, how about that crack HR staff at Sirius XM, eh?

Aside from this being one of the worst possible times for someone to lose their job, and aside from the blow to the NoMa redevelopment efforts that Fisher mentions, the gutting of the DC XM operation is a damn shame for local XM listeners. One of my favorite things about XM is the way it’s been like a collection of really good local stations for Washington subscribers- the Ethel DJs talk about the show they caught last night at the 9:30 club, artists often stop by to do their XM Live sets on the same tour stop as their DC concert dates, and XM Comedy frequently collaborates with the DC Improv on shows, meaning that you can stumble across a lot of great local comics as you’re scanning through your XM presets. A sudden cut in XM’s DC crew puts a lot of that coverage in jeopardy.

Poor form, Mel Karmazin.

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2 thoughts on “XM Staff in DC Unceremoniously Dumped

  1. Considering there was a merger and Siruis is the controlling partner I dont’t see how this was a surprise.