How To Resist Searches on Metro

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Being a tin foil hat-wearing type, I am delighted to see that my fellow cranks at Flex Your Rights have compiled their Citizen’s Guide to Refusing DC Metro Searches, complete with handy half-page PDF version for printing and handing out to your friends.

It’s a good read, though mostly review for those of us who have been screaming about this for, oh, 7 years now. It boils down to, be polite, be non-confrontational, and don’t do anything that might be perceived as a threat to the officers or others. You want to exercise your constitutional rights, not provide “probable cause.”

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7 thoughts on “How To Resist Searches on Metro

  1. I love that they have a printable PDF. What’s the DC regulation on handing out flyers and things? I want to go stand outside a station and hand out printed copies.

  2. We all face difficult decisions in our lives. That sounds like one of them.

    On a side note, the FLDS cult queens were the funniest things evah.

  3. I was actually looking at the court decision mentioned on the Metro website that “allows” them to do the searches.

    I have to applaud Tiff for getting this “resist” post up quickly…

    I saw a gaggle of Metro cops outside Farragut North yesterday before the Rush Hour start and was going to assume that they were going to do a test run.

    However, my metro riding days may be numbered for a while (or due to crappy weather) as I’ve given up four wheels for two. I just hope some dumb FBI or Secret Service dope doesn’t mistake my motorcycle cases for bomb containers…

  4. David – likely the FBI and SS folks won’t have any part of it. I bet they will farm this job out to the ass clowns who tell us not to take pictures at Union Station.