Free Shipping Day!

Playing on the computer, by Flickr user fd

Playing on the computer, by Flickr user fd

This year, I just could not get motivated to battle the crowds to do my holiday shopping. There are a LOT of people who live in the DC metro area, and they all seem to be able to read my mind and show up at the particular store or mall I’m headed to 15 minutes before me. The traffic situation at Tyson’s Corner is apparently so bad that businesses don’t want to set up shop there anymore.

The solution to this problem: online shopping. It’s easy, crowd-free, and so relaxing. The major drawback to online shopping is the shipping charges, but no more! Thursday, December 18 is free shipping day–with guaranteed delivery by Christmas! Participating stores include Apple, Crate & Barrel, Macy’s, and more. That is amazing, people. Viva la internet!

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