Washington Humane Society Adoption Mobile

I can haz adpoted plz?
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As long-time readers may remember, my Lovely Wife and I lost our kitty last year, not long after losing the first one. We are talking about getting new kitties but we (meaning I) are not ready yet.

We were in Takoma Park today wandering around and came across the Washington Humane Society Adoption Mobile. This is a pet-fitted RV that goes from place to place to advertise their services, stocked full of cats and dogs waiting to be taken home and loved. It was good for me to see the animals, when, following Lovely Wife, who has a ticking biological clock for new cats, I found myself in the RV adoring all of them.

I’m still not ready but I think we are also not grieving as much as we were. Maybe we are getting closer to bringing a new furry member of the family home. Have you ever adopted out of the Adoption Mobile? Anyone have experience with the Society?

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