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2010 National Mutt Census Fails DC Dogs

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This really rubs me the wrong way. The 2010 National Mutt Census, intended for mixed-breed dogs only, allows DC mutt owners to submit their data, but when it comes time to locate DC on the U.S. map and see the summary of DC mutt statistics, it’s missing.  Guess DC must have gotten lost in the Mists of Avalon or Bermuda Triangle, or something. I can’t even tell you how frustrated I was trying to navigate my mouse over the little iotas of map pixels between MD and VA. I was really hoping DC was lurking in their somewhere, but no, we’re not.

So I’ve written to the 2010 National Mutt Census, pointing out our lack of map presence and I’m hoping they will/can put us on the map. You too can help by writing Mars Veterinary (the owner of the site who BTW is located nearby Gaithersburg, MD – I mean, seriously, how did they forget DC?!!) to ask that DC mutts be represented in census.

Fail. 2010 National Mutt Census. Fail.

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Santa Claus Visits His Furry Friends

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Who says pets don’t deserve a little Christmas lovin’ too?

Santa Claus is scheduled to sit down with all his four-legged, furry pals for the standard “sit on Santa’s lap and smile” picture at Kimpton’s Helix Hotel tomorrow and  for the next two Saturday’s after it from 2 – 4 p.m.

The Helix Hotel is located at 1430 Rhode Island Ave, NW.

For more information, call: 202-462-9001

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Python alert. No, really.

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I walked past a guy yesterday as he was on the phone and all I heard him say was “Yeah, you know that I’d make Maryland farther away if I could.” It seemed like a somewhat dismissive sentiment at the time (though I do wish the WaPo food reviews weren’t so Rockville-centric) but given the snake emergency I’m starting to think he had a point.

Christian Pitillo of Gaithersburg is apparently a sub-par pet-sitter, as a 3 to 4 foot golden burmese python managed to get away under his supervision. Wildlife officials say the snake isn’t big enough to be dangerous and is unlikely to survive the winter if it’s not reclaimed, so you can probably sleep easy so long as you don’t tend to travel with mice in your pockets. Perhaps you should, though – Pitillo is offering a $100 rewards to anyone who finds the snake.

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Washington Humane Society Adoption Mobile

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As long-time readers may remember, my Lovely Wife and I lost our kitty last year, not long after losing the first one. We are talking about getting new kitties but we (meaning I) are not ready yet.

We were in Takoma Park today wandering around and came across the Washington Humane Society Adoption Mobile. This is a pet-fitted RV that goes from place to place to advertise their services, stocked full of cats and dogs waiting to be taken home and loved. It was good for me to see the animals, when, following Lovely Wife, who has a ticking biological clock for new cats, I found myself in the RV adoring all of them.

I’m still not ready but I think we are also not grieving as much as we were. Maybe we are getting closer to bringing a new furry member of the family home. Have you ever adopted out of the Adoption Mobile? Anyone have experience with the Society?

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Losing a Friend

My Lovely Wife and I took the tough step of having our kitty put to sleep this morning. She had been sick for quite some time and it was clear that the road ahead was going to be even tougher than it had been up to now. Enough suffering, we decided.

Many thanks to those of you who knew her for being her friend, even for a brief time. Especially to Dr. Monika Jankowski of South Paws, whose care and extreme compassion deeply moved me. She was incredible and showed herself to be more than a caretaker by profession but also by nature.

Remembering Connie, our wonderfully eccentric, lovable cat, I thought I would share this video of her, cleaning the window screen. She loved tasting the world and was a lovely, playful, adorable critter and we miss her deeply.