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We Love Music: Meek Is Murder @ Firehouse Grill (Fairfax), 3/11/11

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There is nothing quite like the experience of discovering a new band that is obviously destined for great things. For one, it is pretty rare to get in on the ground floor with a band that is this good before their secret is already out. So when you are one of the 10 or 15 people in a room who witness this new band rip open the sky with their musical brilliance for the first time, you should count yourself blessed by the gods of music. Second, while you are filled with the exhilaration of discovery and passion for the new band’s music, it can be very hard to convince people who were not there to take the time to seek the band out to give them a listen.

The reason for this is that there is no “buzz”. You’ve witnessed a band no one’s ever heard of, before they were big; no one cares. More than ever before, “buzz” is a critical element that anyone who wasn’t in that room with you requires before they’ll listen. Only then when the internet is ablaze with tales of the band’s amazing feats in far off cities will people start to take notice of the band that you have been shouting about for weeks, months, sometimes even years. So discovering a band like this; a fully formed, ass-kicking unit in their pre-buzz phase is both amazing and sometimes frustrating. I think out of that frustration is where music snobbery and “I saw them before they…” posing is born. I can see how it can make some people feel bitter and others feel elitist about their discoveries.

I’m not like that. I just want people, as many people as possible, to learn about the new music, embrace it, and support the folks making it. I don’t really care that I saw them first, but when I occasionally do, I am going to shout as loud as I can for as long as I can about this amazing discovery until the “buzz” bullshit catches up with them and people start to listen. Maybe a few of you will hear me and give Meek Is Murder a spin before waiting for them to gain the stamp of “buzz” approval.

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Local Girl from “The Bachelor” Up for Auction

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‘in a taxi window*’
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In case you missed her from the most recent season of The Bachelor, Ashley Elmore, a high school teacher in Fairfax, made it to the second round of the huge hit dating show just a few months ago (I admit, I watched most of it, but please don’t tell anyone that, seriously). She grabbed TV land’s attention when she put on her sexy classic flight attendant’s costume for Jake. Unfortunately, the costume didn’t quite get the job done for her. No worries Ashley fans, she’s not done trying to find love. Ashley is putting herself out there one more time and going up for bid at what has become DC’s hot trendy way to raise dollah dollah bills – a date auction! Not that I…um…have any experience with such things, but I hear they are lots of fun.

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Fairfax Going Rogue with Palin

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‘So Palin is 40% off already.’
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DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Now, open up your Outlook and Google calendars and add an all-day event for Saturday, December 5th. Simply title the event “My Dream Cometh True”. Now save. In other words, Sarah Palin is coming to Fairfax, Virginia in just a few short weeks! Are you ready to go rogue? You can do it…and save money. According to the above picture, the book “Going Rogue” can be had for up to 40% off.

But before you set aside your weekend to focus on Palin Palin Palin, make sure to determine if you are actually a real American from real America or not. Palin doesn’t like non-real Americans, and people from the DC area (and especially northern Virginia according to McCain’s brother) are very much not real Americans. But maybe by holding this out in Fairfax she feels she is on the border between real and fake America? I don’t have my real vs. fake map handy, but I’d have to say that Fairfax is mostly fake based on the definitions alluded to during the Presidential campaign. But if you do go, just make sure to act extra patriotic so she can’t tell where you are from. I suggest looking like someone who could kill a wolf with an assault rifle from a helicopter.

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Chocolate Lovers Festival

Moonstruck chocolates
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The Fairfax, VA Chocolate Lovers Festival is this weekend, Feb. 7-8 in the Old Town part of the City of Fairfax in our fine Commonwealth of Virginia. It has been going on since 1992, is held the first full weekend in February and looks to be quite a big affair. From the festival’s web site:

Among the events planned each year are the Taste of Chocolate, featuring chocolate vendors selling their wares; the Chocolate Challenge, an arts extravaganza where the medium is chocolate; the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast featuring chocolate chip pancakes; historic re-enactments; children’s activities; a craft show at Fire Station 3 sponsored by the Auxiliary to the Fairfax Volunteer Fire Department; open houses at historic buildings; and much more.

So who’s going? I know it’s all the way across the river for those of you in MD and DC, but it’s a celebration of nature’s most excellent resource. How can you not go?

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Losing a Friend

My Lovely Wife and I took the tough step of having our kitty put to sleep this morning. She had been sick for quite some time and it was clear that the road ahead was going to be even tougher than it had been up to now. Enough suffering, we decided.

Many thanks to those of you who knew her for being her friend, even for a brief time. Especially to Dr. Monika Jankowski of South Paws, whose care and extreme compassion deeply moved me. She was incredible and showed herself to be more than a caretaker by profession but also by nature.

Remembering Connie, our wonderfully eccentric, lovable cat, I thought I would share this video of her, cleaning the window screen. She loved tasting the world and was a lovely, playful, adorable critter and we miss her deeply.