Write Your Own Joke About Taking a Bite Out of McGruff

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I cannot make this up: McGruff the Crime Dog, beloved crime-prevention mascot, is standing around at the corner of 14th St. and Spring Road NW, passing out flyers to a group of schoolchildren. All of the sudden, a Metrobus pulls over. The driver hops out, and after taking a moment to adjust his side mirrors, walks up to McGruff and punches him in the face with a closed fist.

Apparently the Metrobus driver, Shawn Brim, forgot that the Crime Dog is a creation of the National Crime Prevention Council as a character for use by police departments. If he had remembered this key fact, he would have realized that the person most likely to be in the McGruff suit is a cop. Surrounded by other cops. Who immediately jumped in their cruisers and pulled the bully over three blocks away.  Brim said he was just trying to be “funny,” but I fail to see how punching a costumed character in front of a bunch of children and police officers is anything other than “moronic.”

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