Wherefore art thou, Express?

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So maybe it was just me, but the Express was missing from my morning commute today. At my Metro entrance station this morning, there was a lone Examiner hander-outer man, and I only saw Examiners on the trains this morning. By the time I got to Union Station, there weren’t any Express papers in the paper stands, nor were there any Express hander-outer men (there are usually two!). I know some of you will understand my morning paper woes, the Examiner just doesn’t do it for me in the mornings, I want my Express!

Did you get your Express this morning? Was it just a weird coincidence that I couldn’t land one myself?

UPDATE 3:04 p.m. – WLDC author Tom just heard from Molly at the Washington Post, who reports that “today’s Express order was cut due to icy road conditions throughout the area. Normal distribution will resume tomorrow.” PHEW! Don’t play with me like that, Express!

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9 thoughts on “Wherefore art thou, Express?

  1. I started my commute at the Springfield station in VA and they only had a handful left by the time I got there. The guy handing them out said that they’d been shorted papers that morning and were going home after handing out those last few. I noticed that downtown by my office all the Express news boxes were empty of papers, too!

  2. Oh my gosh my Express man was missing from my metro stop at Eastern Market too! I think that has to be more than a coincidence since we live across town from each other. I opted out of a paper instead of reading the Examiner.

  3. The usual Express man at Brookland Metro was missing this morning too. Replaced by an Examiner guy. Not too many Express papers around as well. This seems like its more than just coincidence.

  4. @Chinatown – it IS so sad!

    I wonder what happened??? It seems like this was widespread.

  5. The woman wasn’t at Rosslyn yelling “GOOD MORNING” in my face as I got out of the station. I can’t say I miss her. There were no Express papers there, either.

  6. It’s the second workday in a new month – were they there yesterday, or were you there to see if they were?

    It’s possible this is one of WaPo’s cost cutting measures and Friday was the last day for a lot of them.

  7. My guys were smiling and happy there yesterday, gone today. I would hope WaPo knows better than to lay off the beloved hander-out-er-ers. That would make the entire city mad.