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Where’s the News?

It’s entirely possible that I’m out of the loop here, but I’ve never seen a front page of a newspaper that consists entirely of an advertisement.  The other day I picked up an Express for the first time in ages and thought, “What am I looking at?  Where are all of the eye catching headlines that they normally sport on the front page?”  Instead I was looking at a full page ad about surfing in Sandbridge, VA: “Live Passionately.  Virginia is for Lovers.”  Oh so that’s what it’s for.

Are times really that tough out there?  If so, does this sort of scheme generate enough ad revenue to keep the WaPo from axing the Express?  If most readers are like me, they’ll quickly turn to the real front page, never visit, and never develop a passionate love for surfing in Virginia.

The Daily Feed, WTF?!

Wherefore art thou, Express?

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So maybe it was just me, but the Express was missing from my morning commute today. At my Metro entrance station this morning, there was a lone Examiner hander-outer man, and I only saw Examiners on the trains this morning. By the time I got to Union Station, there weren’t any Express papers in the paper stands, nor were there any Express hander-outer men (there are usually two!). I know some of you will understand my morning paper woes, the Examiner just doesn’t do it for me in the mornings, I want my Express!

Did you get your Express this morning? Was it just a weird coincidence that I couldn’t land one myself?

UPDATE 3:04 p.m. – WLDC author Tom just heard from Molly at the Washington Post, who reports that “today’s Express order was cut due to icy road conditions throughout the area. Normal distribution will resume tomorrow.” PHEW! Don’t play with me like that, Express!