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Seeing Through the Lens of Award-Winning Photographer Carol Guzy

Carol Guzy with her Dog Trixie, who was rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Carol Guzy with her Dog Trixie, who was rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, photo by Will Dolive

By Michael T. Ruhl

You wouldn’t know just casually talking to Carol Guzy that she’s a world class photographer who works for the Washington Post. The humble four-time Pulitzer Prize winner sits quietly in her Arlington home, tending to her dogs, two of which she rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Her living room walls stand largely devoid of her photos, and she doesn’t even display her Pulitzer Prizes. The only indicators of a photographer in that room are a few old cameras sitting on the shelves. Her passion isn’t advertised, but poke her and she bleeds. Continue reading

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Where’s the News?

It’s entirely possible that I’m out of the loop here, but I’ve never seen a front page of a newspaper that consists entirely of an advertisement.  The other day I picked up an Express for the first time in ages and thought, “What am I looking at?  Where are all of the eye catching headlines that they normally sport on the front page?”  Instead I was looking at a full page ad about surfing in Sandbridge, VA: “Live Passionately.  Virginia is for Lovers.”  Oh so that’s what it’s for.

Are times really that tough out there?  If so, does this sort of scheme generate enough ad revenue to keep the WaPo from axing the Express?  If most readers are like me, they’ll quickly turn to the real front page, never visit Virginia.org, and never develop a passionate love for surfing in Virginia.

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Commemorative Historical Papers

W Legacy

Well the Washington Post can keep flogging that election day paper and selling inauguration day printed blog entries messages to Obama if they want to be unimaginative. The Reverend Sun Myung Moon, on the other hand, knows that it’s foolish to sell one day’s worth of paper when you can sell an aggregation of eight year’s worth! Coffee table book “W” – not a novelization of this film – will contain a selection of the Washington Times‘ unbiased reporting from the Bush Presidency, described thusly:

this compelling coffee table styled book about an extraordinary president in turbulent times. “W” is packed with gripping pictures and stories

Way to show your impartiality, WT.