Weekend Flashback: 3/6 – 3/8/09

Photo courtesy of Gogonaş
Flags at the monument, courtesy of Gogonaş

Less than a week after “snowpocalypse 2009” we welcomed with wide open arms the first taste of spring. That, and suffering the loss of a precious hour of rest.

While we’re still looking at a chilly week ahead, it’ll be a snap compared to the cold we dealt with last week. Only a little bit longer, DC, before the cherry blossoms appear and spring takes a firm hold on the area.

Meantimes, here’s a smattering of what all of you were up to over this glorious weekend…

Photo courtesy of marc.benton
Night Photowalk DC, courtesy of marc.benton

Photo courtesy of Alex Barth
DrupalCon DC Day 2, courtesy of Alex Barth

Photo courtesy of IntangibleArts
place of faces, courtesy of IntangibleArts

Photo courtesy of kcolwell
chinatown gate, courtesy of kcolwell

Photo courtesy of Kevin H.
Day 150/365 – Who Watches the Watchmen?… Me, that’s Who, courtesy of Kevin H.

Photo courtesy of MoHotta18
DC’s Pipes and Drums, courtesy of MoHotta18

Photo courtesy of cruffo
First signs of spring, courtesy of cruffo

Photo courtesy of Joe in DC
spring is here, courtesy of Joe in DC

Having lived in the DC area for ten years, Ben still loves to wander the city with his wife, shooting lots of photos and exploring all the latest exhibits and galleries. A certified hockey fanatic, he spends some time debating the Washington Capitals club with friends – but everyone knows of his three decade love affair with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

A professional writer, gamer, photographer, and Lego enthusiast, Ben remains captivated by DC and doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon.

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