Park View Station My Ass

New WMATA station names

New WMATA station names

Greater Greater Washington has an interesting idea gone all wrong. They’ve thought to rename Metro stations to be shorter and more logical. On the whole, I’d love the concept, as names like “U Street/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo” are a run-on joke. But GGW better watch what it suggests.

To think that the Metro station at Georgia Avenue and New Hampshire should be called Park View instead of Georgia Avenue or Petworth is crazy talk. No, its fighting words. GGW can get all quick-hit somewhere else, cuz we’re not giving up our station to unknown Park View.

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6 thoughts on “Park View Station My Ass

  1. Well, that particular situation aside, I’m ALL for shortening some of the names. Some of them are just ridiculously long (the U Street one being a perfect example). If that does mean that some stations get names that aren’t popular with everyone, well, thats how it is. Anything that makes the Metro a little easier on people is worth a little inconvenience to some.

  2. I’m all for renaming the National Airport stop the short and accurate DCA. Make me less repulsed to say its name.

  3. Yeah, but isn’t the station really at the border of Park View and Petworth? Maybe “Petworth/Park View” would be better. In any case, the “Georgia Avenue” is certainly unecessary.

    I think some of their other suggestions are far weirder. For instance, changing “Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter” to “Indiana Plaza”? Apparently Indiana Plaza is across the street (who knew), but why would you pick yet another name when just shorten it to “Penn Quarter”?

  4. With the tourists in mind, renaming the airport station to ‘Airport Station’ seems to make more sense. Then they know where the hell they’re going when its time to leave town. Not everyone knows the three-letter codes for airports.

  5. Upper Northwest for Van Ness? That’s a joke.

    And I wonder if anyone realizes the big fuss every University in the District will have if their name is dropped from the metro stations. Some universities have PAID for this to happen…

    I’m all for simplicity, but only if it makes sense.

  6. Penn Quarter? Nope, make it Archives. That’s the big ass building you see when you leave the station. Simple enough.