St. Patrick’s Day at the National Zoo

National Zoo St. Patricks Day Great Ape Enrichment
Originally uploaded by Smithsonian’s National Zoo

So, at your job, on St. Patrick’s Day, your coworkers probably wear that one green item from the back of their closet that doesn’t really fit them, or some shamrock-related accessory, and perhaps they get together after work for some green beer. Maybe there are sickly-green pastries in the break room.

At the National Zoo, the great ape keepers paint shamrocks on the walls of the ape feeding area with green rice cereal, feed the apes green food (like broccoli and honeydew- food that is naturally green), and make goodie bags filled with kabobs made with melon and lime. And then they take pictures. They threw a party for the apes. In honor of one of the founding saints of the Celtic Christian Church.

Clearly I’m just jealous no one brought ME a lime kabob today.

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