Know what you need? A fez and mustache party.


Just in case you were looking for something weird and free to do this weekend, The Looking Glass Lounge is having their annual Fez and Mustache Party tomorrow night! They’ll be handing out free fake mustaches at the door (although I’m sure you can bring or grow your own) and free samples of Polish vodka.

Plus, the DJs will be spinning “Romani rock, twisted klezmer, Slavic soul and Balkan beats” just to make the night that much more complete.

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6 thoughts on “Know what you need? A fez and mustache party.

  1. I think maybe this is a little bit more an annual, as I’m pretty sure they just had one in January. We were there when Brett from was in town and they had just had one a few days before, and I believe that was the weekend of the Inauguration.

  2. Totes inappropes T. Bridge.

    Ummm can I tell you how many times I wished I were a dude, so I could have a sweet mustache?