Boat Explosion! YESSSSSS!

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You may have heard by now, but on Wednesday morning, CBS/Paramount is going to commence to blow stuff up on the Potomac, north of the Key Bridge and Jack’s Boathouse.  Don’t worry, all relevent law enforcement agencies have been alerted, including the twitchy Department of Homeland Security.  And that’s good, because I have been promised a 20-30 foot fireball. So with a fireball that size, you ought to just be able to stand on the bridge and watch- which I recommend, if you’re conveniently located. The fun should take place between 9:30 AM and noon.

The explosion is a special-effects shot for a pilot called Washington Field, about the “elite” FBI Washington Field Office.  IMDB lists the series’ director as Jon Cassar, who has directed more episodes of 24 than any other director, so if we’re very lucky, the main characters won’t know where the Washington Field Office is either.

UPDATE: Skunkgal has a list of the cast members. I note the presence of Gina Torres, who played the highly-underrated Zoe on the even more underrated Firefly.

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