Video of the Boat Fauxsplosion!

NBC Washington has the goods- video of the fireball and fauxsplosion on the Potomac this morning. Some would call it anticlimactic, but I don’t think a fireball can every really be considered boring.

UPDATE: And thanks to philliefan99 for contributing some photos to the We Love DC Flickr pool.

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5 thoughts on “Video of the Boat Fauxsplosion!

  1. Except his time line is slightly off. There were two attempts before they finally got it working.

  2. People keep saying that, but over and over again, it was pointed out that most of the real drama was going to get edited in later with CGI. Helloo, it’s still a 20′ fireball.

  3. When they were first reporting it as a two minute fireball, THAT had my attention. This though… I think my gas grill back in Denver has done more than that (and I lost the eyebrows for proof!)

    A bit disappointing, but it’ll be fun to see it on TV sometime after it gets doctored up. :)