I Think God Loves DC, Too

Dude, Phelps Is SO Gay
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You probably heard, even if you weren’t unfortunate enough to see them, that the Westboro Baptist Church was in town yesterday to protest… well, pretty much whatever they could think of. High schools whose mascots are the “Rebels,” because God hates rebels, or something. And of course, their favorite object of hatred, gay people.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to blog it, because on one hand, it’s newsworthy, but on the other hand, the WBC are so much a band of screaming toddlers who throw tantrums because it gets them the attention they crave, and why do I want to feed into that? Also, being part of a Christian tradition that emphasizes love and inclusiveness, I’m pretty much personally heartbroken by WBC (but that’s beyond the scope of this blog).

So I was pleased to see this photo of a counterprotest show up in our Flickr pool. Smiling people, messages of love, and an amusing little poke at Fred Phelps, leader of the WBC.

Thanks for meeting hate with grace, DC.

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5 thoughts on “I Think God Loves DC, Too

  1. These people are severely demented… I think a great counter protest would be to have a gay couple sit in bullet proof booth (think pope mobile) and just have them make-out in front of the crowd. Those people would go ape sh*t.