Rabies in Fairfax County

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‘Some rabies sign from the 1950′s?’
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Fairfax County authorities are alerting residents to several incidents of rabid animals around the county.  So if you’re out that way, please check to ensure that your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations (required by law for all dogs and cats almost everywhere, including Fairfax County). Make sure you have documentation of the vaccination handy as well- dogs who bite humans are often put down on the assumption of rabies if the victim doesn’t want to get vaccinated himself, so be sure you can prove your animals are rabies-free.  

Finally, be aware of your own safety- aggression is a telltale sign of rabies. A wild animal will almost always prefer to avoid you rather than attack you, unless it’s rabid. So if that racoon is running toward you, run away and call Animal Control; it’s not trying to make friends.

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