DC Council Votes to Recognize Other States’ Gay Marriages

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In the wake of first Iowa and then Vermont legalizing gay marriage in the last week, the DC Council just voted, unanimously, to recognize gay marriages from other states. Gay couples married in other states were previously automatically recognized as domestic partners under DC law, but today’s vote specifically recognizes gay couples married in states where it is legal as married couples.

Hot damn, DC Council. Yes, this is going to piss off the very same Congress that doesn’t want to let DC make its own gun laws. And yes, it’ll only get worse for Home Rule if DC tries to legalize gay marriage itself. But as Council member Harry Thomas, Jr. (D-Ward 5) says, “We as a council need to stand in the right place and take the gray area out.”

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6 thoughts on “DC Council Votes to Recognize Other States’ Gay Marriages

  1. I applaud the DC Council, and I especially applaud the quote from Councilman Thomas. That’s what good councils do. They make clear what is fuzzy.

  2. Now if we could just repeal that moronic DOMA so these folks could get reasonable federal benefits…

    And yes, inevitable snarkers, I actually would be perfectly okay if someone wants to marry a water buffalo or whatever baloney strawman you want to come up with. Employment benefits are part of people’s compensation and I couldn’t care less if they want to share them with a man, woman, Border Collie, or whatever.

    These fights are a waste of my time and money in an already overloaded justice system. Let people marry who they want so we can get on to real business.

  3. A genuine tragedy, although an unsurprising one. Congress should reverse this, although it’s almost impossible to imagine that they will with its current leadership.

  4. Congrats and best wishes to all of my friends in the various organizations to further sexual/gender issues and enjoy your hard fought freedoms. Love you all, Linda