Passport DC: Party with the Embassies

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My brother moved a couple of years ago to a teeny, tiny town in Wyoming. When he comes to visit, he teases me about all the big city crap I put up with- traffic, crowded transit systems, sirens, tourists, etc., and asks me why I stay. “Simple,” I said once. “Last night I went to a party at the Irish embassy. I got to meet the ambassador. How many people get to do that?” “I see your point,” he said. 

One of the advantages of living in the capital of one of the worlds’ most powerful nations is that this is where other nations send their representatives to conduct the business of state with ours. Which means we get awesome stuff like Passport DC, where the embassies invite us all in to learn about the culture and arts of their respective countries. This year’s event is happening April 30-May9, so there’s lots of time to broaden your horizons.

There’s a staggering variety of cultural events- music, dance, theater, food, and art exhibitions, but if wandering around from place to place is more your speed, be sure to get the map of embassy open houses happening on Sunday, May 3.  There’s a free shuttle for the open houses, so there’s no reason not to get your culture on.

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