Comedy in DC: The Awesome Boost

Comic by Jake Young
Comic by Jake Young

In case you haven’t noticed from the frantic pink-nosed gentleman at the top of this post, there’s a comedy show happening on May 1. It’s called “The Awesome Boost,” and it’s the hilarious bastard lovechild of Jake Young’s short-lived “The Awesome Room” and Eric Moberg’s “Ego Boost.” The Word According to Jake: “The goal of our show is simple, a cheap, fun, night of hilarity and hopefully to introduce DC audiences to the wealth of underground talents in their midst.”

As it happens, I have a similar goal. So here are the particulars:

The show happens Friday, May 1, at 8 in the DC Improv’s Comedy Lounge. Tickets are $10, and you are freed of the typical 2-drink minimum. (So cheap!) In addition to the co-hosting talents of Young and Moberg, you will also see Evan Valentine of the Geek Comedy Tour, Mike Eltringham (who is OMG so funny), and Kathleen O’Brien, finalist. 

Young also mentions having “a few surprises lined up” for the evening, but the Facebook event page mentions the possibility of “faith healing,” so you know, I think he’s kind of ruined that particular surprise. Comedy does have a particularly curative effect, you know.

If you just can’t wait, you can check out Hot Broth Comedy, the open mic show Young runs with Tyler Sonnichsen at the Comedy Spot in Ballston every Thursday night, where some of these very comedians will be tightening up their sets.

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