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According to WaPo, a member of President Obama’s security advance team from the recent presidential trip to Mexico has a suspected case of swine flu. 

But that’s all the information they have, as of this writing. It’s not even a whole article. Just a little block on the homepage with a GINORMOUS headline and a little drop down with one sentence in it. 

Here’s a hint, WaPo: The word “DEVELOPING” does not excuse sensationalism and panic-mongering. And really, does anyone think that the White House doesn’t have a massive stockpile of Tamiflu already?


Swine Flu Panicmongering

Swine Flu Panicmongering

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  1. I’m thinking this might be key:

    “None of the local cases are believed to be life-threatening, and some victims, such as the World Bank employee, have already made a full recovery.”

  2. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are effective against flu virus. So just be sure to take your margarita and splash it all over your utensils and stuff before eating. You’ll be fine. ;)

  3. Oh what, you expected mass media to NOT be sensationalist over something like this?