Comedy in DC: A Week of Free Laughs, Redux

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So I was flitting around the interwebz, trying to come up with something to recommend to you this week in the world of local comedy, and ran into… a wasteland.  A lot of the local comics I pay attention to have been touring, so are either out of town or, well, sleeping. I checked the Improv, and there’s not a single Lounge show on their calendar for the next month; even the mainstage is full of people I couldn’t get excited about until the first weekend in June. (Russell Peters. He’s hilarious.) I checked Facebook and mostly found stuff happening way out in the nether regions of Maryland.

I checked,  and while there wasn’t a ton listed for new shows that weren’t ALSO in the nether regions of Maryland, they did mention that open mics and the like are seeing a resurgence. With the economy in the tank, suddenly regularly-scheduled, free entertainment is seeming like a better deal to bar and restaurant owners.   So since these shows are constantly passing into and out of existence, I decided it was time to update the week of free laughs:

Sunday: There’s still an open mic at the Palace of Wonders on H Street every other Sunday.  Since the organizer keeps the total number of comics low, the sets are longer. That’s handy, since a 5 minute set is barely enough time to get warmed up.

Monday: The open mics at Chief Ike’s and the Spy Lounge don’t seem to still be running (I think their organizers have moved to New York or moved on to other projects), but  there’s still the show at Eleventh Street Lounge in Clarendon every first and third Monday. It’s in the downstairs room, which is a treat, because itlooks like what would happen if Prince bought the Fight Club basement.  You have to see it to believe it.  Meanwhile, the Takoma Station events calendar lists a comedy night every Monday night starting at 8. I haven’t checked that one out yet, but I’d love to hear from the organizer for more details. *cough*

Tuesday: It seems like Tuesday has become the big comedy night in DC. There’s an open mic at Solly’s on U Street every 1st, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday, but also on U Street on Tuesdays, there’s an open mic at Indulj, across from Ben’s Chili Bowl. Comedy can also be found at Weyone’s in Alexandria and Listrani’s in Arlington.

Wednesday: The shows at  Ri-Ra in Clarendon and Listrani’s in Courthouse are still going on, and now there’s one at Madhatter in Dupont, as well as one at Tom Tom in Adams Morgan. Wiseacres (the whole club, not just the open mic) seems to have gone the way of the dodo, and all I can say about it is… good riddance. I don’t know anyone who ever had a good experience there, comic or audience.

Thursday: The venerable and highly-accessorized show at Topaz Hotel is still happening, and Hot Broth Comedy at the Comedy Spot in Ballston is going strong as well.

Friday: The show at the Uptown Tavern is still pretty much the reigning champion here, but there’s an open mic at the Best Western Capitol Skyline in Southeast as well.

Saturday: The Old Arlington Grill, the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse’s restuarant, still has it all out for free comedy on Saturday nights, unless you feel like schlepping to EJ’s Landing. But since it’s Saturday night, maybe you’re looking to treat yourself, in which case the Hyatt Regency showcase continues on (the Ri-Ra and Topaz open mics feed talent into it). It’s $10.

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