Backyard Chicken, Not on the Grill

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With all of the gardening, CSA vegetable-picking, and farmers’ market scouting we’ve been doing, our friends have started half-jokingly suggesting that we raise livestock. More and more of my extended social circle have been raving about keeping chickens in their backyard for egg-laying purposes. I looked into it (because fresh eggs from cage-free chickens are pretty much the best thing ever) and while it seems that cats are not especially interested in attacking chickens (my first objection), we definitely do not have enough space for a properly-sized chicken coop and run if we wanted to retain use of our back yard.  And really, what good is raising your own poultry if you don’t have room for a grill?

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try if you’ve got a yard. The Post has a good article today on local urban poultry farmers. Technically, the District doesn’t permit backyard chickens, and I would neeeeever encourage you to do anything illegal, but other local jurisdictions’ laws vary, and it seems to me that a nosy neighbor can possibly be mollified with the occasional basket of very fresh eggs.  *Ahem.*

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