Oh No! Google!

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There seems to be some sort of regional Google outage happening right now- anecdotal evidence from Twitter and Facebook indicates that it’s mostly Greater DC users who can’t use teh googlez and mostly non-DC people who can. (Though we do have some locals reporting that they’re having no problems.)

So now is a time for web nerds like me, cut off from our Gmail, our Google Analytics, our Google Reader, our Google Calendar, to ponder just how it’s possible that ONE company could get its hooks this deep into our daily activities.

(And if you’re having trouble loading We Love DC, it’s because the Google Analytics javascript isn’t loading. Sorry.)

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3 thoughts on “Oh No! Google!

  1. We are back now! The really horrifying part was gchat went into broadcast mode! I received chats from random people marked from last year!

  2. THAT’S why! I was already hyperventilating and getting ready to start pulling my hair because my Google Reader wouldn’t load! Thanks for the info.

  3. That’s why our web site has enable/disable on Google content. This isn’t the first time that Google Analytics has killed our site. Once burned — twice learned.

    Now the scary part is why did ancient private traffic suddenly appear all over the place. How much stuff do they store on people anyway?