Congratulations, now please stand to the right.

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‘Love on an Escalator’
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Via MovingMomentarily comes the story of a couple who got engaged right on a Metro escalator:

“We went down to the metro platform, I was beaming and looking at my ring and a woman standing near us asked if we had just gotten engaged. I said “Yes! It’s kind of strange to tell you first since we don’t even know you!” but she was very excited for us and said congratulations several times.”

I’m sure some of you are thinking that you would never accept a proposal that came in a Metro station, but since a park ranger was the first person to know about our engagement… I think it’s adorable. And since she said yes, I’m guessing she agrees.

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One thought on “Congratulations, now please stand to the right.

  1. Isn’t Metro delayed often enough?

    Wait… God, they’re not doing the ceremony in a station as well are they? Bride and groom head up the escalator in lieu of an aisle, people standing on the broken escalators on each side of them throwing rice (and getting ticketed for littering), the Red Line rumbling off down the tunnel with tin cans tied to the rear car…

    I’m too easily amused.