Trapeze School in DC: What More Can I Say?

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Via Facebook, I’ve been following the adventures of a high school friend who is enrolled in trapeze school. Every couple of days she posts new pictures of herself engaging in some astonishing midair feat, and it always gives me a welcome couple minutes of respite to daydream about the circus in the middle of my day. I had started hearing rumblings that we were getting a trapeze school here in DC. I looked into it, and the Trapeze School of New York was looking for a location for their DC branch, so I held off blogging about.

Well. Guys, we’re getting a TRAPEZE SCHOOL. The school’s temporary location will be outdoors, at 9th and H Streets NW, near Gallery Place. That means you can go over there and watch trapeze class- it’s visible from the street. I have just found my new entertainment. They’re hoping to secure a permanent location in the next few months near Nationals Park.

I welcome this development wholeheartedly. DC needs more stuff like this. Trapeze School Founder Jonathon Conant says, “Beneath the surface, trust me, DC is a lot weirder than everyone thinks.” Truer words were never spoken.

Classes start this weekend. YES!

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