Is Adrian Fenty the Next Obama?

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‘well-dressed mayor’
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The Daily Beast seems to think that it’s possible.  In today’s “Big Fat Story,” Fenty was proffered amongst six rising, African-American political stars that the publication feels are following in the President’s foot steps.  The Daily Beast cites the Mayor’s landslide victory and his work with the DC school system as being Obama-like qualities. While there is little doubt that Adrian Fenty, or any politician, would love to see success like Obama’s, the real question is whether or not he has the character to move outside of DC city politics.  What are your thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Is Adrian Fenty the Next Obama?

  1. The main similarity I see that neither of the politicians mentioned here would recognize the candidate versions of themselves. Sure you gotta “say” to get elected, but go ahead and “do” as well.

  2. Nobody could watch his mumbly, disjointed performance at today’s press conference and think it’s sensible to even utter his name in the same breath as Obama’s.