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Should Mayor Fenty Be Driving?

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It’s very rare for the mayor of a major city to be doing their own driving. Mayor Fenty is provided with a driver to get him from place to place and be able to maintain his hectic and packed schedule, but he decided as of two years ago to take the wheel himself.

WaPo talks about the dilemma here. The mayor was just recently involved in a crash, while driving his city-issued Navigator, in Chevy Chase and conflicting information surrounded the police report and the statement issued by the mayor’s office. A few months back, he collected a speeding ticket and was caught illegally allowing a friend to use his city vehicle.

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Is Adrian Fenty the Next Obama?

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The Daily Beast seems to think that it’s possible.  In today’s “Big Fat Story,” Fenty was proffered amongst six rising, African-American political stars that the publication feels are following in the President’s foot steps.  The Daily Beast cites the Mayor’s landslide victory and his work with the DC school system as being Obama-like qualities. While there is little doubt that Adrian Fenty, or any politician, would love to see success like Obama’s, the real question is whether or not he has the character to move outside of DC city politics.  What are your thoughts?