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Protecting Your Bike

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‘Next time, lock up the entire bike’
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I love bike riding. And I love bike riding around DC. It’s truly a fantastic mode of transportation, whether you’re headed to work or play. Since moving to DC in 2006, with my Cannondale in tow, I’ve noticed a significant increase in the amount of bike traffic. I’d most likely attribute this rise to 1) increased Metro fares, 2) the addition of numerous bike lanes and bike racks, in part spearheaded by the WABA, and 3) the increase in popularity of road biking. Sadly, the increase of bike riding has also meant a parallel increase in DC bike theft, and if you’ve ever had your bike stolen, like me, you know how much of a personal affront it is and how irreplaceable your perfectly fitted and outfitted bike was. So, in an effort to prevent further bike theft and the ensuing anguish, I asked Mike Christian of Revolution Cycles for some tips and advice on how to better secure our bikes.

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The Seersucker Social in Photos

All photos by Max Cook

This past Saturday was a crazy day in DC.  Despite the sweltering heat, dedicated soccer fans filled Dupont Circle to cheer for their favorite teams.  Hoards of people filled the streets to watch or partake in the Pride Parade.  However my choice of torture was to participate in the Seersucker Social.  What was supposed to be a delightful, dandy of a bike ride through Rock Creek Park was actually a hot, sweaty, feat of endurance.

As a witness to the Tweed Ride last fall, I was determined not only to photograph the Social, but to participate in it as well.  While my normal summer attire consists of shorts and a t-shirt, I purchased some seersucker pants, a matching belt, and a madras tie to add a little flare to the ensemble.  Had the temperature been 65 degrees and the humidity low, I would have been fine, however with temps in the 90’s and the humidity of a Vietnamese jungle, I was miserable the second I stepped out of my door.  That’s not to mention the fact that I had borrowed a friend’s vintage Goodyear, bazillion pound, single speed bicycle that I had to push uphill to the finish line.

Are you tired of me complaining yet?  Good, because I’m done.  Once I had taken a bath in the restroom sink at Hillwood Estate and drank a gallon of water, I was rejuvenated and ready to start documenting the affair.  This was my first visit to Hillwood and let me say that it’s straight out of the movies.  With stately buildings, manicured lawns, and acres of beautiful greenery, it was the perfect setting to socialize with other seersucker-wearing sweat bombs.  The sun soon hid behind some clouds, refreshing (amazing) drinks were served, and music began to play.  As for the rest of the afternoon, well, I’ll let my photos speak for themselves.

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Taxi Hits Bike in Georgetown

Bicyclist hit by Dulles taxi at 31st and M St, Georgetown

Update: More details on the accident from WashCycle.

I walked by this scene at 31st and M in Georgetown last night: squad cars and yellow tape around a Washington Flyer taxi, its windshield badly cracked, a mangled bicycle under its tires. Vnangia tweets that the accident was fatal. MPD had officers directing traffic around the scene (which got a bit confusing for drivers and pedestrians alike as the traffic lights were still running at the time, nearly causing more accidents), and M Street was backed up significantly. (But then, when isn’t it?)

Also mentioned on Georgetown Metropolitan. No mention on the MPD-2D mailing list. Anyone else see what happened?

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Tweedy Goodness

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‘DC Tweed Ride 10’
courtesy of ‘maxedaperture’

We were out downtown this weekend, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, came a mass of easily 200 cyclists, all bedecked in beautiful garb. There were new bikes and old, racing bikes and penny-farthings, gorgeous handlebar mustaches, both painted and real, and all manner of incredible Victoriana. This was DC’s First Tweed Ride, put on by Dandies & Quaintrelles, to benefit Art for the Aging. Did you catch the Tweed Ride on your Sunday? Did you join in? Check out our photo gallery inside. Continue reading

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Wilson Bridge Bike Trail to…Where?

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‘Wilson Bridge’
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The Woodrow Wilson Bridge opened to cyclists for the first time this weekend, but many coming from the Alexandria side ran into some trouble once they actually got over the bridge. One cyclist told me that the trail turned into gravel on the MD side, and the planners of the brand new National Harbor had apparently not thought to install a single bike rack: there were bikes anchored to every sign and handrail this weekend.

The Washington Post had some reactions in yesterday’s paper, with the conclusion being that now that they had successfully gotten the bridge open, now they needed to connect the trails so that people would actually use it.

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Work Starts on Union Station Bike Center

Union Station Construction

The Union Station driveway by 1st St NE (directly above the Metro station) has been fenced off and is ready to be dug up for the upcoming Union Station Bicycle Center, a futuristic-looking glass-and-steel dome beside the Metro with secure bike racks, changing rooms, and storage lockers for DC bicyclists. DDOT expects to have the Center finished by next spring. Continue reading