Wilson Bridge Bike Trail to…Where?

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‘Wilson Bridge’
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The Woodrow Wilson Bridge opened to cyclists for the first time this weekend, but many coming from the Alexandria side ran into some trouble once they actually got over the bridge. One cyclist told me that the trail turned into gravel on the MD side, and the planners of the brand new National Harbor had apparently not thought to install a single bike rack: there were bikes anchored to every sign and handrail this weekend.

The Washington Post had some reactions in yesterday’s paper, with the conclusion being that now that they had successfully gotten the bridge open, now they needed to connect the trails so that people would actually use it.

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One thought on “Wilson Bridge Bike Trail to…Where?

  1. It frustrates me that National Harbor has no bike racks, especially since so much money was invested in the bike and ped path across the bridge. It doesn’t make it much of a welcoming destination for cyclists, or, actually, anyone without some cash to drop on a water taxi or a car.