Fenty Announces Bicycle Center at Union Station

Here’s a quick, fuzzy video of DC Mayor Adrian Fenty at Union Station, announcing the new Bicycle Center:

As noted earlier, a construction crew fenced off the Union Station 1st St NE driveway this week to start work on the Bike Center. DDOT has the proposed design, an organic, vaulted glass-and-steel dome with racks, lockers, changing rooms, and climate-responsive features that interact with the outside elements to keep the interior safe and comfortable.

Roving Asian mendicant, can occasionally be seen wandering the streets of downtown Washington, muttering unintelligible gibberish to passers-by while pushing a “bag lady” shopping cart full of old blankets, American flags, soda cans, and healthy secondhand snacks from organic food shop dumpsters. Used to live in a cardboard box at 16th and K but the rent was too expensive.

3 thoughts on “Fenty Announces Bicycle Center at Union Station

  1. OMG. Who gave permission for them to take photos of Union Station?! Don’t those architects know there is no photography allowed there? Where is the shot of the security guard with his hand in front of the camera? And what about ugly bikes? Will ugly bikes be allowed to park there?

    So many questions….

    Seriously, it will be cool to have it there though.