Is Homeless the New Sexy?

Homeless Guy
Homeless in Sugamo 2

by jamesfischer

It’s a slow day here in Georgetown, what with it being early still and thus nobody making too much of a fuss over me being the only guy in the neighborhood without one of those shitty men’s scarves all the pseudo-hip guys seem to be wearing nowadays. Being a bit bored, I decided to look at Craigslist to see what magic I could stir up. As I have said before, I am a big fan of the missed connections because they represent the bit of tension before a relationship blooms or withers.

I found this one, with a woman who admitted to flashing a homeless guy she found rather attractive:

Hot homeless man at 7-corners – w4m – 25 (Alexandria)
Me: driving bright blue car-gave you money and a wink to match. I showed you the tattoo on my boob.
You: ruggedly handsome, tall, clean cut beard, killer smile, jeans had some holes-and a flannel
I was going to ask for your number and I assumed you wouldnt have one. So I guess we will find out if you have a computer eh? If this is you tell me what the tattoo on my boob was.

I like to think I am a reasonably attractive guy and I never get boobs flashed at me in public. What gives, boob woman? What’s a gainfully employed guy have to do to get some cleavage flashing action? I know it’s like a charitable action to do that for the homeless, but don’t think the rest of us wouldn’t appreciate it too.

My guess for the tattoo: a black widow spider. Or a likeness of Charlton Heston. What’s your guess?

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4 thoughts on “Is Homeless the New Sexy?

  1. I have yet to see someone wearing one of the those douchey scarves. Maybe you should stop going to places where people like that might be.

  2. You should hang out in Georgetown. These scarves infuriate me in a really irrational way. Or go to Tysons Corner and look in the store windows for men’s fashions. These things really do look shitty.

  3. Carl, Carl, what a great post. There are/were only 2 homeless men I would ever admit thinking of being *attractive*. One was in Toronto and the other in Houston. I for one, am not the boob flashing type. Then again, maybe if I had enough to flash … I may be singing a different tune :-)

    I would guess the tat was a rose.