Have You Seen Molly?


This is Molly. She’s a 4 year old Vizla who was tied up outside the P Street Whole Foods last night around 6:00 PM for a few minutes. When her person came back out to pick her up, Molly was gone, apparently stolen by someone with NO CONSCIENCE AT ALL. Seriously, who steals a dog?

Molly is about 60 pounds, with reddish-brown fur, and is friendly and will respond to her name. If you have any info about her disappearance, please contact Tyler and Laurel at findmollydog@gmail.com. There’s a reward for her safe return.

(contact information updated at dog owners’ request, and because some people just HAVE to be jackasses to pet owners)

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12 thoughts on “Have You Seen Molly?

  1. That is so wrong. I’m often paranoid that someone will steal my dog which is why I never tie her up unless I can see her from inside.

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  3. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it was just some dopey pedestrian who thought she might have been abandoned or left outside in the heat too long. This is awful.

  4. I can’t believe people. First someone has to take the dog and then people don’t have anything better to do than to give them harassing phone calls. What is up with common decency people!!!

    I will def. keep an eye out. I am so saddened and angered by this.

  5. We now have serveillance photos of the woman seen with Molly at Cleveland park Petco. Eye witnesses as well as employees there confirm that Molly and the woman matches the descriptions that we have provided. Please email for pictures if you live in the Logan area, specifically Q and 15th/16th.


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  7. I’m sorry about the news about you Vizsla they are great dogs and they love humans.
    I walk a Vizsla call Branson and I now the feeling I hope you fine her good luck Danny.