What They Look Like: Real World DC Cast

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So I’ve been avoiding the Real World beat for as long as possible  (our authorship tends to trade off reporting duties, so none of us actually has to “own” the beat) so I’m going to take my turn and fill you in on the latest. Kirk told you that they’re here, and now I’m going to show you what they look like.

First off, we have a pair DCist commenters dubbed Angela and Ricky (God, I loved that show!) – a “redhead” and a guy with curly black hair. Check them out here and here.  The Anti-Real World DC has a shot of the required blonde girl here (cute shoes, though!). A group shot shows more cast: the obligatory black guy, what some are calling “the hottie” and some blonde dude I’m going to personally dub the douchebag. This shot shows what I’m guessing is the 7th cast member, a girl with long brown hair.

Reports from RealWorldDCNEWZ on Twitter had them shopping at the Super Secret Safeway, grilling (scroll down for pics), mandatory hot tubbing, and then heading to Bucca Di Beppo for dinner. Other reports have DC residents shouting “GO HOME!” at them. (Tee hee hee.) (I’m mean.) False rumors spotted them at Town, the latest have them coming out of Chi Cha Lounge, and I suppose we’ll just have to wait for confirmation and pictures. Welcome to DC, kids. Try not to throw up on my shoes.

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4 thoughts on “What They Look Like: Real World DC Cast

  1. Stop talking about the real world.

    Nobody wants to know anything about this. Covering them is like being a parasite fish on the biggest bottom feeder in cesspool of modern media.

  2. Was at Chi Cha Lounge last night and they were certainly there- blonde girl, obligatory black guy and maybe another one? I think they arrived around 11:30 and left at about 1?

  3. They were No. of Circle today crossing from Tomate to Starbucks. All Sette Osteria grew silent to watch. This sucks. I was just going to secondi, teaism, and cosi…Much of my life is within a 5 block radius of that house. And I dont want my big hips on MTV.