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Laogai Museum – A Dupont Detour

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‘Laogai Museum 4’
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The Laogai Museum may be small, but it packs a punch. Tucked away in the old Real World DC house off Dupont Circle, its one-floor exhibit explores the dark underbelly of Chinese labor camps and human rights policies.

“Laogai” means “reform through labor” and refers to oppressive tactics the museum claims China has used to punish political prisoners since 1949. Harry Wu, a survivor of the Laogai camps, founded the museum in 2008 as part of the larger Laogai Research Foundation. The museum moved into its current location last April, where they now offer free admission and guided tours.

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We Love DC Does Real World DC: Episode 3

Join us starting at 9:45pm tonight for a live blog with DC’s finest as we discuss the RWDC shenanigans as they happen – with the finest snark and commentary money can buy. Comments from the public are encouraged but are moderated. Not all comments will get displayed during the live blog…but keep the good ones coming!

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RWDC Live Blog – Episode 3 – Tonight!

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It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means — time for the third installment of We Love DC Does Real World DC. Yes siree, we’re at it again, we’ll be live blogging the entire show. Last week was great thanks to our guest bloggers Chris from RealWorldDCNewz and Elizabethany. So join us here at 9:45 p.m. to get this party started.

Plus, play along while we drown ourselves in our favorite Real World Drinking Game. It’ll be a doozy.

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Truth or Panda? Real World Suddenly Watchable

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‘MTV’s “Real World” House in DC for 2010’
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Hey, you! Admit it. Just admit it. Your wildest dreams came true at precisely 10:00pm Wednesday night. That’s when MTV aired the world premiere of Real World DC. The District, The USA and the whole freaking world became a better place to live when those 8 strangers got their TV debut and showed the world what the real DC is really all about. But instead of ranting about their intelligence, likability and downright sincerity, I’m here to tell you why the premiere absolutely rocked. It rocked because We Love DC has the best readers on earth and they joined us for a live blogging chat session to discuss the going-ons of the incredibly entertaining first episode, the always beloved after-show and, perhaps the BEST part, the amazing MTV show previews and tasteful commercials (Trojan makes what?).

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SynchroSwim @ Capitol Skyline Pool

DC Synchromasters by Max Cook

One of DC’s hottest scenes this summer has been the Capitol Skyline Hotel pool.  Like spring break on steroids, you’ll find all of the cool kids drinking, smoking, drinking and splashing around in the warm summer sun.  A DJ spins tunes, inflatable pool toys fly through the air, and six packs flex in hopes of a post pool hookup.  This is where real people hang out.  Real cool people.  This is the real world, or at least the real DC.

Despite not having a six pack, when I heard that the Washington Project for the Arts was holding a synchronized swimming contest at the pool in addition to experimental video projections by Connor Contemporary Art, I knew it was something I couldn’t pass up.  The contest, SynchroSwim, featured five teams competing in an unorthodox display of aquatic acrobatics.  Prizes were awarded for best performance, best visual spectacle, and crowd favorite.

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Real World DC Update: Tip Ur Bartender

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Which cast member of the Real World DC was just hired at Tony & Joe’s along the Georgetown waterfront?  Can’t reveal our sources, but all signs point to lame reality service industry drama (with some horrible Matchbox 20 song played over it).

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What They Look Like: Real World DC Cast

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So I’ve been avoiding the Real World beat for as long as possible  (our authorship tends to trade off reporting duties, so none of us actually has to “own” the beat) so I’m going to take my turn and fill you in on the latest. Kirk told you that they’re here, and now I’m going to show you what they look like.

First off, we have a pair DCist commenters dubbed Angela and Ricky (God, I loved that show!) – a “redhead” and a guy with curly black hair. Check them out here and here.  The Anti-Real World DC has a shot of the required blonde girl here (cute shoes, though!). A group shot shows more cast: the obligatory black guy, what some are calling “the hottie” and some blonde dude I’m going to personally dub the douchebag. This shot shows what I’m guessing is the 7th cast member, a girl with long brown hair.

Reports from RealWorldDCNEWZ on Twitter had them shopping at the Super Secret Safeway, grilling (scroll down for pics), mandatory hot tubbing, and then heading to Bucca Di Beppo for dinner. Other reports have DC residents shouting “GO HOME!” at them. (Tee hee hee.) (I’m mean.) False rumors spotted them at Town, the latest have them coming out of Chi Cha Lounge, and I suppose we’ll just have to wait for confirmation and pictures. Welcome to DC, kids. Try not to throw up on my shoes.

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The Real World, Mapped Out

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‘Ever since I can remember’
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Well, we’ve had our time to make up our wills, get ready our bail monies, and shine up our truncheons; the Real World is Here. Washingtonian is looking for your help mapping out their stay in the DC area, and is asking for folks to email them, or twitter using #rwwatch to help keep tabs on this dangerous plague of human misery. Keep an eye on their map to figure out where not to go for drinks or dinner after work.