Tell Us Where You Get Crabs & Win Old Bay Swag!

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‘Maryland Blue Crabs #2′
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Let’s just get the obligatory crab joke out of the way, shall we, so that I can write this post without thinking “that’s what she said” every five seconds. Ready, here goes: I want you to tell me where you get the best crabs in DC. (TWSS) (Ahh, I feel better.)

No but for serious, you let us know in the comments where you like to get your fill of the tasty delights from the bay, and in exchange, one lucky commenter picked at random will snag a free Old Bay gift basket! The “Basket of the Bay” gift bag includes Old Bay Seasoning, Old Bay Seafood Steamer bag, a beach towel, beach bag, keychain with bottle opener, temporary Old Bay tattoo, and some great new Old Bay-inspired recipes for you to try out!

Are you the kind of guy who goes for crabs at Quarterdeck? Do you prefer fancier crabs at Hook? Or do you like them on your parent’s porch on the shore? Where are the best crabs in the area? First one to say “The Real World House” wins by default. Just kidding. Contest ends Friday at 1 p.m.

Katie moved to DC in 2007, and has since embarked upon a love affair with the city. She’s an education reform advocate and communications professional during the day; at night and on the weekends, she’s an owner here at We Love DC. Katie has high goals to eat herself through the entire city, with only her running shoes to save her from herself. For up-to-the-minute news and reviews (among other musings), follow her on Twitter!

33 thoughts on “Tell Us Where You Get Crabs & Win Old Bay Swag!

  1. I went to Jimmy Cantler’s in Annapolis last weekend. They were delicious and with my parents in town for the Fourth and footing the bill, very affordable.

  2. I’d have to say my boyfriend’s parents house on the Eastern Shore. Nothing better than cracking open some crabs on the back porch with an ice cold beer. Its pretty much the life.

  3. Cantler’s in Annapolis and Capt. James Crab House across from the “Big Ship” on the corner of Boston and Aliceanna Sts. in Canton in Baltimore.

    But, you can’t beat pulling your own pots out of the creek on your friends’ dock in Annapolis and boiling them right there.

  4. Maybe it’s because I spent a lot of time in Tenleytown during my college years, but I have a special place in my heart for the Dancing Crab.

  5. Buy in bulk and have an outdoor pic-nic. I’m from Minnesota, but my Baltimore boyfriend introduced me this tradition, and I love it.

  6. Best crabs inside the Beltway are definitely at Quarterdeck in Rosslyn (back behind the Iwo Jima Memorial near Ft Myer). Can’t beat the all-you-can-eat.

  7. We get our crabs by the ton at the Maine Avenue fish market in SW.. last time we got about 20 crabs for $10, they steamed them for free, and we brought them home and ate them while sitting on newspaper on our living room floor. Only way to go!

  8. My friend buys enough crabs to fill this giant pot from the Super H Mart. She pours in two cans of beer, crams the lid on, and when they are ready, we all sit on her deck pounding and picking until the pot is gone.

  9. It’s a toss up…Obrycki’s Crabhouse in Baltimore city has some great crabs…but it’s also the best just sitting outside and getting some carryout from Captain Trey’s (in Timonium MD) and eating them on the deck. I could eat crabs all day (until I got tired of all the effort)!

  10. C-A-N-T-L-E-R’S!!! All the way! There’s nothing like sharing a big bucket of fresh crabs on a butcher-paper coverered picnic table right next to the water with a big group of friends.

  11. Skipper’s Pier in Deale, MD or Mike’s Crab House in Riva (just south of Annapolis on Riva Rd.). Or buy ‘em fresh off the boat at Bob Evans Seafood on Muddy Creek Rd in Churchton, MD.

  12. I get them from Harris Teeter in Rockville. So good, so fresh, and so cheap! :)

  13. Depends, sometimes I like to go to Quarterdecks, sometimes Bethesda Crab House, or Cantlers in Annapolis. When I want to bring them home I go to Seafood in the Buff. When I am up in Baltimore I like Obrycki’s…..So many crabs, so little time :)

  14. Ahoy ! Fridays in Summer, I like to walk all the way down 9th Street ‘til it ends on Water Street Southwest where like any self respecting Washingtonian, I pick up half a bushel of crabs from the Maine Avenue Warf. I like Captain White’s and the floating barge vendor set up that line the pier. The gritty fish monger working environment and the old wooden house fish cleaning shacks haven’t changed in the 40 years I’ve been going. It’s so real, genuine D.C. where kids should be taken -so unlike the spotless Whole Food shopping experience I’d much rather pass up.

  15. Jimmy Cantlers in Annapolis no question. Best crabs. Best staff. I know it’s not “technically” DC, but it’s the best.

  16. Sadly, the best places are not in DC. Luckily, Annapolis isn’t far!

    Cantlers is always a top pick for me, but since everyone else has already said that one, I’ll throw in Mike Crab House in Annapolis. Fantastic!

  17. Harris Crab House in Grasonville, MD (in the Kent Narrows). You can eat your crabs on the deck while watching the watermen come in to unload their catch, or sit inside and admire all of the old oyster canning paraphernalia that decorates the restaurant.

  18. Harris Crab House in MD is amazing. Johnny’s Half Shell, on Cap Hill, also does a fantastic soft shell. If you’re up for picking them up and chowing picnic-style, Slavin & Sons (395 and Glebe in Arlington) does a great job.

  19. Close to town, since I’m a Maryland Girl, I’d say Bethesda Crab House. For a bit of a drive you should try Harris’s in Kent Island ( It’s also an easy stop on the way to the shore.

    Now if you’re in Ocean City… The best place BY FAR is “On the Bay Seafood” on 42nd street. You can eat it there, in the sand on picnic benches, or take it home. Plus the staff is Fantastic!

  20. Cantler’s is the classic. I also used to like Dan’s in Annapolis before it shut down.

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  22. Hey I go to Moe’s Crabs & Ribs in Accokeek Maryland been buying from that Family Now for over 30 yrs. Always Good :)