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We Love Food: DC Eats for August

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‘Cafe Atlantico’
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Put on your elastic waistband pants, people. There’s plenty to eat and do in the city for the next few weeks. So click on through and you’ll find where you should be wining and dining this month.
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Tell Us Where You Get Crabs & Win Old Bay Swag!

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‘Maryland Blue Crabs #2’
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Let’s just get the obligatory crab joke out of the way, shall we, so that I can write this post without thinking “that’s what she said” every five seconds. Ready, here goes: I want you to tell me where you get the best crabs in DC. (TWSS) (Ahh, I feel better.)

No but for serious, you let us know in the comments where you like to get your fill of the tasty delights from the bay, and in exchange, one lucky commenter picked at random will snag a free Old Bay gift basket! The “Basket of the Bay” gift bag includes Old Bay Seasoning, Old Bay Seafood Steamer bag, a beach towel, beach bag, keychain with bottle opener, temporary Old Bay tattoo, and some great new Old Bay-inspired recipes for you to try out!

Are you the kind of guy who goes for crabs at Quarterdeck? Do you prefer fancier crabs at Hook? Or do you like them on your parent’s porch on the shore? Where are the best crabs in the area? First one to say “The Real World House” wins by default. Just kidding. Contest ends Friday at 1 p.m.