Peeps Store to open at National Harbor

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Peep Jousting and Peep Dioramas are about to become year-round activities in DC. Just Born, Inc., makers of the famous technicolor marshmallow candies, have announced that they’re opening their first-ever retail location at the National Harbor development in PG County this fall. In addition to the squishy art supplies (because really, who actually eats those things?) they’ll sell a variety of peep-related swag, including china, some of which is apparentlymade by Lenox. Who knew Peeps gear could be so fancy?

The store will be in the vicinity of the Awakening statue, which to me seems like an invitation for some pretty hilarious photo ops. I expect to see your “Awakening…with a Peeps Moustache” photos in the Flickr pool by the end of the year. You are on notice.

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