Fojol Bros. Oppressed By THE MAN!

One of the Fojol Bros, Being Oppressed

One of the Fojol Bros, Being Oppressed

All the Fojol Bros. wanted was to bring Merlindian cuisine to the hungry masses at Farragut Square. The line was long, but the Brothers worked tirelessly, slinging biryani to grateful customers. But OH NO, DC parking enforcement came and shut them down, disappointing countless office drones before they could get their curry. What? Where’s the Merlindian Diplomatic Immunity? What is our society coming to when a couple of Merlindian kids with a dream can’t serve paneer out of a truck in our nation’s capital? I THOUGHT THIS WAS A FREE SOCIETY!

Phonecam journalism courtesy of a concerned (and hungry!) bystanderMatthew Snyder. Click image to view the oppression in all its naan-squashing infamy.

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