NSO & Twitter: Not Quite A Fail Whale

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courtesy of ‘Torley’ based on the original illustration by twitter user @yiyinglu

The National Symphony Orchestra got the cute idea to send out program notes via Twitter for their performance of Beethoven’s “Pastoral Symphony” last night. As someone who finds detailed program notes invaluable in my ability to appreciate music, I think this is something I probably would have signed up for; and indeed concertgoers who tried it successfully reported that it enriched their concert experience. But the NSO didn’t count on their audience not being able to figure out Twitter, and on cell carriers’ general inability to deliver text messages in a timely manner. (Guys: this is why we use Twitter clients and mobile web. Srsly.)

(Of course, no mainstream media article on a company’s use of Twitter would be complete without the obligatory “OMG, what do people DO on Twitter” dig, no matter how COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT it is to the actual topic of the article, and WaPo’s article is no exception.  Thanks, guys!)

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