Peanut-Free Day at Nats Park – Aug 23

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Tom and I have a friend with a severe nut allergy, who is also a baseball fan. To help him enjoy the national pastime with a reduced risk of anaphylactic shock (even peanut dust in the air could make his eyes swollen and watery), we used to chip in on a block of season tickets, and then we’d all go peanut-free, just to increase the distance between him and anything that might aggravate the allergy. It worked well, except for that one Opening Day when the Nats didn’t get it together to mail Opening Day tickets to the season ticket holders in time, we had to pick up our seats at Will-Call, and leave one behind for the friend who was going to show up late. The box office staff screwed up and gave our ticket to some other guy, who insisted on sitting in “his” (our) seat, RIGHT in the middle of our group. Even after demonstrating that the order number on his ticket matched the order number on our tickets and was in fact ours, he was implacable, and the usher we called over refused to help. So this interloper sat in the middle of a group formed up around a peanut allergy sufferer… and ate peanuts for the WHOLE GAME.

So you nut-allergenics might be interested to know that on August 23rd, the Nats will be operating a peanut-free party suite for fans with allergies- no food will be served other than what the guests themselves will bring, and the suite will be thoroughly cleaned beforehand to remove any stray peanut traces. Tickets are $30, and the game will be at 1:35, against the Brewers.

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