Comedy in DC: In Your Feed Reader

Jake Young, Courtesy Aaron Webb

So what do I do, when searching anxiously for the next comedy thing to entertain myself with? Comedian blogs. The problem is, standup is not something the translates well to the written word, so there aren’t that many local comics that do it (though Twitter is helping- something about the 140 character restriction mimics the setup/punch structure of live comedy, I think).

But there are a few I follow with some regularity. I’ve mentioned Mike Eltringham’s blog before, when he brought us the joyous news of Dustin Diamond’s standup appearance in Arlington. His blog is pretty consistently funny, full of stuff that wouldn’t boil out to a standup bit very well, but which actually does make the leap to long form blog post pretty well.  Don’t miss his letter to Jesus after David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez tested positive for steroids.

If lots of words are kind of not your thing, you should follow Jake Young’s Get Back to Work, the collection of Jake’s assorted doodles and comics, usually drawn while procrastinating. The first time I met Jake, I was fiddling with my weeks-old iPhone while waiting to get up for my turn at an open mic (in a basement with no cell service, no less), and he sketched me one on a notebook and offered to trade. I assure you, the stuff on his blog is far more interesting. This piece in particular fills my heart with geek solidarity.

Aparna Nancherla’s blog is funny. Shut up, no seriously, it is. Her tale of selling her purple corduroy Ugg boots (!) on Craigslist is the epic tale of everyone who has ever tried to conduct a transaction that way. But I actually think Aparna is way funnier on Twitter, where she “has recently been dabbling in the wonder that is a 15-color eyeshadow palette. I feel like a true artiste, but one that only paints clowns.”

And finally, one for those of you who like your comedy blogs a little more inside-baseball. Eli Sairs blogs a lot about his experiences actually performing comedy, but you should probably invite him to your next 4th of July party.

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  1. Also, this friday, August 14th, at 7 pm there will be an awesome show at The Velvet Lounge (915 U St.) for $2. Just whorin’ my show…

    Thanks for the plug, great post!