Montgomery County Drivers Strike Back Against Speed Cameras

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‘Do You Slow for Speed Cameras?’
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Speed cameras are a great deal for municipalities. In addition to the revenue benefits, they don’t let the cute blue-eyed girl off with a warning, they don’t get accused of racial profiling, and they free up officers to go chase actual criminals. So I can see why a local government would think they were a great deal… until the citizens of that jurisdiction decide they hate the cameras SO much they’ll actually vandalize them to keep from getting caught, as some Montgomery County drivers are doing.

The Washington Times article calls it “an act of civil disobedience,” but last I checked, property damage wasn’t part of the civil disobedience playbook. How many times do you suppose one of those cameras has to be damaged and replaced before it’s no longer worth the revenue it brings in? Does the vandal think he/she/they can keep it up that long?

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One thought on “Montgomery County Drivers Strike Back Against Speed Cameras

  1. I cant speak to specific crime, but it seems that often times when the state clamps down to tightly on its citizens they will rebel in whatever small way.