Tommy Hilfiger Loves DC

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‘wall of polos, tommy hilfiger outlet, south edmonton common’
courtesy of ‘PinkMoose’

Apparently, Tommy Hilfiger is DC’s newest fan. The city and its “new energy” was his inspiration for the new clothing line, and he has a flashy new website to share his favorite parts of the city with you. I like the way it’s organized, but that’s about it. The picks are pretty freaking random, making me wonder how much time he has actually spent here. He does give a shout out to our fave bar, Science Club, but recommends the Kreeger Museum for High Art. Say what?

Jasmine is a Spin magazine contributor who is completely obsessed with music and all things new and different. She’s lived in the DC area since 2006, and still has plenty to discover about this great area! Find out why she loves DC.

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