Video: Capitol Crowds Wave Goodbye to Sen. Kennedy

Here’s some shaky video of Sen. Edward Kennedy’s hearse and procession leaving the Capitol to go down Constitution Ave. to Arlington Cemetery. Hundreds of people lined the lawn and sidewalk, with Kennedy’s staff and colleagues on the Senate steps. As the hearse left the driveway a wave of cheering and applause swept through the crowd, with some waving a final goodbye.

There’s a Flickr group for shots of Kennedy’s funeral.

A comment from kleven-stein, who was right in the middle of things:

I was there, right in front of the senate steps. I was surprised and a bit discomfited by the applause at first, but after a few seconds, I found myself joining into the applause wholeheartedly.

The initial applause occurred upon the appearances of VIPs, such as Senator Robert Byrd (92years old) in a wheelchair.

You could easily see by the homemade signs and conversations that the entire crowd was celebrating the incredible life-journey, and the enormity of his service to the nation. There was an intense air of gratitude and cheer, despite the somber aspect of his passing.

This was an uplifting experience for me, and picturesque with the low summer evening sun beaming out from behind the clouds just before his arrival. I’ll try to post some pix later..

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