September Concert Roundup

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Hello, music lovers. It’s that time again: when I collect, wrap up in a nice little package, and present to you all of the best bets for live music this month.

There are a ton of great acts coming to the DC area in the very near future, so let’s get right to it! Details on Regina Spektor, Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol, U2, and more after the jump.

If you’re itching for a good show after the long Labor Day weekend, the Kings of Leon are ready to swoop in and save the day. They’re coming to Merriweather Post Pavillion on Tuesday, September 8 ($36+). I know that I could use somebody…someone like their sexy lead singer, that is.

Friday, September 11 the Fruit Bats (whose song “When U Love Somebody” was my summer anthem a few years ago), Wilco spinoff Pronto, and Kevin Barker rock the Black Cat for only $12.

Yo La Tengo comes to the 9:30 Club on Thursday, September 17 ($20). I never quite got into their sort of slow, spacey sound (say that three times fast), but plenty of people love it.

Know who I do get into? Ingrid Michaelson. Love her. She’s coming to the 9:30 Club on Friday, September 18 for an early show ($20), and then Moby takes the stage at 10 pm ($35). If girly folk-pop nor electronica are your thing, check out indie rocker Jack Penate at Rock and Roll Hotel ($13/$15).

I usually don’t like Monday shows, but I would go out to see The Sounds at the  9:30 Club on Monday, September 21 ($25). This band formed their own label, is doing their own thing, and I dig it.

Tuesday, September 22 The Walkmen are coming to the 9:30 Club ($15), which kind of makes me think that this is the month of bands I discovered in college. I think one of their songs was in a commercial a few years back, but their sound has changed since then and gotten a little more out there. In a good way? I’ll leave that up to you.

Mellow out with Mat Kearney at the 9:30 Club Thursday, September 24 ($25). So what if his first name needs another “t”? Don’t hold it against him, he’s still catchy and awesome. Does your voice sound as good as his? Didn’t think so.

Continue with the mellow vibe at DAR Constitution Hall on Friday, September 25 when Snow Patrol shows you how it’s done ($33.50). If you haven’t heard of these guys, I bet you will soon–they seem to be everywhere these days.

I am super stoked that Ten out of Tenn is coming back to Iota on Saturday, September 26 ($13). I caught them for the first time at their holiday show last year, and I would DEFINITELY recommend it. They’re ten different artists from Tennessee, and although the lineup has changed slightly since the holidays, I still fully expect to be blown away.

Innovator (?), accessory-lover, current club staple, and generally weird person Lady Gaga is coming to DAR Constitution Hall Tuesday, September 29 ($43.50 +). I can’t lie, I do have some Lady Gaga love in my heart.

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Perhaps the biggest music news in September is that U2’s 360 Tour is making a stop in FedEx Field on the 29th as well ($30 +). Personally, I would rather go to Lady Gaga (or really, do anything else), but I’m pretty sure Bono needs you to come to this show to save the puppies/environment/people in Africa or something.

Apparently Regina Spektor has officially gotten huge, because her show on Wednesday, September 30 at DAR Constitution Hall costs as much as Lady Gaga’s ($43.50). I know she’s gotten some crap for “selling out,” but I still love her. Can you get any better than her song “Samson”? Answer: nope.

Winner of the weird prize for the month is Andrew W.K., who is coming to the Sixth and I Historic Synogogue on the 30th with the Calder Quartet ($20). I repeat: Andrew W.K., super crazy hardcore rocker dude (turned motivational speaker!), is coming to a synogogue. Accompanied by stringed instruments. What is going on??

Sad to me sold-out concerts this month are Matt & Kim at the Black Cat on September 16 and Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the 9:30 Club on September 25. Enjoy the show, concert-goers! Anything you’re excited about this month that I missed? Leave it in the comments!

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