Comedy Gold to be Found in DC

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Now that everyone’s realized that DC is a great place for reality shows, action shows, and movies, someone has finally realized the potential for comedy gold here. I’m not talking about the hilarious antics of badge-weilding Hill interns or the jokes that come from the Metro (“Could it BE any more crowded?” That’s my Chandler impression, FYI).

No, according to Greg Malins, the guy behind “Friends,” among other things, the hilarity comes from newly elected members of Congress living together. Um, what? That’s what you came up with? He calls it Freshmen, and it’s set to air on ABC sometime soon. Call me crazy, but that does not sound like a winner to me. I don’t care if you do get input from Arianna Huffington for it. Thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Comedy Gold to be Found in DC

  1. I’m not gonna lie…I can’t wait for this show. It won’t last long…but it still should be good. Most people don’t realize how crazy the lives of a freshman congressman are, especially when you compare it to what the public’s perception of a congressman is. I may be in the minority, but I’ma wathcin’ it :)

  2. They’ll no doubt live in an imaginary palatial rowhouse that doesn’t exist anywhere in DC. I wager that it will be canceled after a few episodes.

  3. This is ABC’s remake of Three’s Company, only this time a woman lives with two guys on Capitol Hill